Monday, September 15, 2014

Old men are not necessarily grumpy -- especially in business

It’s not true at all. What’s true is that men who are grumpy as young people end up growing grumpier by the day. They may not be happy as young folks, and, as they age, their jobs may suck, and they may need a way to improve their overall business acumen.

I think that the reverse of the “grumpy old man” stereotype is closer to the real score. It’s highly unlikely that a cheerful person ages and becomes grumpy for the sole reason of growing old.

More relaxed pace

As a general observation, people mellow down and become more contented. They may become less adventurous, but not necessarily less happy. Men, or women for that matter, have gone full circle, so to speak. Life’s great mysteries have been unravelled. Time is to be enjoyed, not chased. There are no more races to build a career. For most of us in our golden years, we live and enjoy what we have worked for after so many years in the daily grind. Walks are more relaxed, not the nervous pacing when I was younger. Emotionally, we are also more calm and stable. And for the longest time, I now truly sleep instead of what used to be intermittent catnaps.

Clearer thinking process to improve business

Decision-making is a lot easier and clearer than before, ironically. Contrary to the common belief that older people tend to lose it, I think my focus couldn’t be better. That probably comes with the fact that I have fewer things on my mind; hence, weighing matters over become simpler and less stressful.

No fad or trend to keep up with

I’m less mindful of fashion and trends. Correct that, I’m not mindful at all about what the latest thing is. It used to be a major issue – “Am I correctly dressed for the event?” or “Do I have the latest gizmo for work and play?” I’m totally off that kind of pressure. I walk with the most comfortable thing on my feet. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have the latest mobile phone, as long as I can use it to make a call. 

Stronger self-image

I remember being unsure of myself. I used to question myself whether I was competitive enough, or whether people believed in me. There used to be struggles, mainly with myself; and there were not a few “proving myself” situations to go through. At this point, I have come to terms with who I am. That ended a lot of quixotic battles actually. It’s like having all the answers all of a sudden; I can’t say how much of a relief that is, but it is.

More control over time

It used to be the other way around. Like most people I worked with, I was ruled by the clock and the calendar. Time can’t do that to me now. I own my time; I have better hold of it. I have a say on what I want to do or where I decide to go. Now that I think about it - it’s like having a life!

Men, or women for that matter, can’t be grumpy growing old for all those reasons. We have more to share because we’ve seen it all. There are more resources than there are fancy things to spend them with.

Well, we do move slower. But that also makes us see a lot of things that we used to simply breeze by. We have the luxury of time to stop every once in a while, and the wisdom to appreciate what truly is important. Grumpy old people? Nah! Just grumpy people gone older and grumpier.